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Pierre Brzustowski takes over the Masci group by joining Bruno Masci and PECHEL INDUSTRIES. He became President and Bruno Masci, Director General. The operation strengthens the group’s management and financial structure in order to accelerate its growth in France and internationally.

The Masci group, created in 1979, is a French leader in technical coatings, industrial painting and asbestos treatment. It intervenes on critical installations and equipment to protect them, extend the lifetime and, if necessary, dismantle them. Its clients are the major groups in the sectors of Industry, Energy, Construction, ERP [1] and Transport. The group operates in complex environments thanks to its certifications and approvals, which correspond to the highest standards in hygiene, safety, environment and radiation protection: MASE-UIC, CEFRI, AFNOR Asbestos, Qualibat technicality confirmed.

Thanks to its know-how and its strong entrepreneurial culture, the group has grown by 20% per year over the last ten years. In 2015, it achieved a turnover of € 28 million with 110 employees. It has developed an active policy of innovations in the processes and materials used: for example, it has been a precursor in induction pickling, control and robotization of pipe lining and in high Technology for nuclear condensers. The LBO project aims to develop rapidly by strengthening its positions in France, by entering new complementary product lines and by expanding internationally, through organic growth and acquisitions.

Bruno Masci, Managing Director: “I am very pleased to partner with Pierre Brzustowski and Pechel Industries. The group has grown very rapidly for more than ten years, continuously adapting to changing demands and Technologies that have become available in our specialties.I know the significant growth potential that is still open to us and I wanted to give the group the managerial and financial structure to exploit it more quickly.

Pierre Brzustowski, President: “The Masci group is one of those French companies that have created great potential for growth in France and abroad, thanks to its know-how, the talent of its employees, Adaptation and development in new markets and new products.I am proud to partner with Bruno Masci and Pechel Industries to define and implement an ambitious project of innovation and growth.

Hélène Ploix, President of Pechel Industries: “We have discovered in the Masci Group a very high level of competence aimed at solving complex problems for industrial customers concerned about the safety and longevity of their installations.” Pierre Brzustowski, Bruno Masci and their team , Passionate about the development of this company, we are pleased to provide the means for faster growth while respecting the values ​​that have made the Masci Group a success. ”

Bank financing was set up by LCL banks, Caisse Régionale de Crédit Agricole Mutuel de Lorraine and CIC.

About Pechel Industries

Founded by major entrepreneurial families, Pechel Industries Partenaires has been an independent private equity company since 2004. It manages three private equity structures representing approximately € 400 million of assets under management. For nearly twenty years, Pechel Industries has supported, supported and helped French SMEs by bringing their experience and networks to them. It is positioning itself as an investor partner of SMEs which realizes between 15 and 200 million euros of turnover.


About Mr. Pierre Brzustowski

Pierre Brzustowski is an engineer at the Ecole Centrale de Paris. He has 30 years experience in the development of professional service companies with high added value, large account development and innovation. He began his career at Bossard Consultants, was Marketing Director of the Belgian telecommunications operator Mobistar, was a partner in charge of the Telecom, Media and Technology profit center at AT Kearney and Senior Vice President, Strategy Of the Technicolor group.


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[1] ERP = Public Establishment