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Richemont, le 30 mars 2017


The Masci Group acquires Franchi S.A.S.

Franchi S.A.S. will become the representative of the Masci Group in the South-East region: Masci and Franchi Group will progressively exploit all the markets, know-how, personnel and equipment of the two companies of origin. Each will thus benefit from the forces of the other.

By acquiring Franchi, the Masci Group is consolidating its position as France’s No. 3 leader in the application of industrial paints, technical coatings and the treatment of lead, asbestos and heavy metals. With its know-how, the Masci Group protects, extends the service life and, if necessary, dismantles critical installations and equipment. This acquisition aims to strengthen it in the oil and petrochemicals market, as well as to increase its presence in the South-East of France. The newly formed group will have a combined turnover of € 30 million in 2016 and employ 200 people.

Groupe Masci and Franchi will form a unified group and gradually cover all the markets and know-how of both groups by taking advantage of their assertive entrepreneurial culture, supported by values ​​of trust, trust and trust. ‘authenticity.

Pierre Brzustowski, Chairman of Masci Group, said: “As we announced when Masci Group acquired a stake a year ago, the Masci Group wants to continue its profitable growth through organic development and acquisitions. Franchi S.A.S. is our first external growth. Thanks to its strong specialization, it strengthens our know-how in petroleum and chemicals. Thanks to its geographical presence, it strengthens us in the South-East, the leading French market for surface treatment. Together, we aim to bring a new added value to our customers, based on operational excellence, innovation and customer proximity. ”

Bruno Masci, Managing Director of Masci Group: “The opening of our capital a year ago was aimed at allowing acquisitions. Franchi S.A.S. is an ideal complement to our group thanks to its know-how and geographical presence. We also share a close culture that will help bring teams closer together. ”

Pechel Industries Partenaires, the majority shareholder of Masci Group, is delighted with this first external growth operation, intended to give the Group the presence and power that its know-how and rigor in execution justify.

About Franchi SAS

Franchi S.A.S. was founded in 1983 by the Franchi family. Over the years, the company has acquired a leading position among the industrialists of the Etang de Berre (Bouches du Rhône), particularly in the petroleum, petrochemical and gas markets.

It is located in the heart of the first French petrochemical zone, accounting for 42% of oil imports and refining, 24% of oil storage capacity and 50% of chlorine production in France.

With its 90 employees, the company operates either directly on customer sites or from its two surface treatment and coating shops. It operates from its sites based in Martigues, Fos sur Mer and Lavéra. In 2016 it generated sales of € 9 million.

Due to its strong specialization, Franchi S.A.S. has a unique experience in petroleum storage tank liners, to treat internal corrosion, through corrosion and to treat floating roof boxes. It possesses the most demanding approvals and approvals to intervene in an explosive environment and to avoid any danger to the environment caused by the polluting products.

Julien Franchi, President of Franchi S.A.S.: “At the moment of passing the relay, what counts above all for me is the sustainability of Franchi S.A.S: to maintain the confidence of our customers, our employees and all our partners. With the Masci group, we share a similar family history and common values ​​based on demand and adaptability in a deeply restructured industrial environment. I am sure that by combining our strengths, the new group will have the energy, resources and audacity that will ensure its future development “

About Masci Group

The Masci group is a French leader in the application of industrial paint, technical coatings, and in the treatment of lead, asbestos and heavy metals. It intervenes on critical installations and equipment to protect them, extend the lifetime and, if necessary, dismantle them.

Its clients are the major groups in the nuclear, oil, renewable energy, industrial, civil engineering, public, marine and transportation sectors.

The group operates in complex environments thanks to its certifications and approvals, which correspond to the highest standards in hygiene, safety, environment and radiation protection: MASE-UIC, CEFRI, AFNOR Asbestos, Qualibat technicality confirmed.

Thanks to its know-how and its strong entrepreneurial culture, the group has grown at an average rate of 20% per year over the last ten years. It has developed an active policy of innovations in the processes and materials used: for example, it has been a precursor in induction pickling, control and robotization of pipe lining and in high Technology for nuclear condensers.

In May 2016, it opened its capital through an LBO (Leveraged Buy-Out) operation, in order to strengthen its managerial and financial resources. The investment fund Pechel Industries has become the majority shareholder, alongside its main managers.

Press Contact : Carine Petrucci – carine.petrucci@cpconseil.fr