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Oil, gas, chemicals

This is the Group’s second area of activity. It involves projects at the production and storage facilities in the stage of investment, maintenance, revamping and dismantling. It relates also to the distribution of petroleum and hazardous products, through projects at unloading terminals, transport pipelines and storage sites.

Our certifications and work comprise:

  • Robotic diagnosis
  • Curing and cleaning
  • Anti-corrosion coatings or metallization
  • Concrete coatings
  • Tubing and lining
  • Concrete impermeability
  • Retention of pollutants
  • Protective coatings – internal coating of capacities
  • Treatment of asbestos and heavy metals

We perfectly master the epoxy coatings without armored solvents or monolayers for the treatment of interiors of capacities:

  • Non-through internal corrosion: 1.5 mm single-ply or laminated coating for a 10-year guarantee
  • High through-corrosion, internal or external face: Laminate covering up to 3.5 mm, the current protection being the bottom of the tank and a rise of 0.600 m
  • 100% surface protection, ie for riveted capacities: Sealing of the rivets lines bottom and dress by laminate coating up to thickness 3.50 mm, 10 years’ warranty; Implementation of a treatment, under crutch and the floating roof tank posts thanks to a perfect control of the raising of the roofs by using air cushions
  • Treatment of floating roof boxes by laminating welds to avoid infiltration of products inside the caissons
  • Clogging of leaks (capacities or pipes) by stratification system
  • Installation of flashing outside the tanks with flexible products to avoid pollutant infiltration under the bottom plates

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