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Civil works and construction

We work on all types of structures: bridges, tunnels, dykes, jetties, locks, motorway toll gates, Eiffel type metal constructions, etc.

Our activities include work in our workshops and works on site. In all cases, our worksites are organized to minimize disturbances (noise, dust, pollution, waste, interruptions of traffic) for operators, residents and users.

Our certifications and work comprise:

  • Specification of scaffolding and containment,
  • Surface preparation, blasting, asbestos or lead removal, by combining the most appropriate techniques: abrasives, high and ultra-high pressure, induction, chemical stripping
  • Anti-corrosion coatings
  • Impermeability and restructuring of concrete
  • Hydro-demolition
  • Treatment of asbestos and lead
  • Embellishment and durability

We have acquired and often participate in the development of mobile equipment, transportable on trailers or inside containers, enabling the best working conditions: sandblasting machines, air extractors, abrasive aspirators, on-site recovery / reprocessing Waste, robotics.

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