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Anticorrosion and concrete coating

We apply all types of protective coatings on iron/steel and concrete substrates, new and old.

The coatings assure various functions of protection, heat exchange, flow, anti-abrasion, anti-pollution, retention, passive protection of fires …. Their application requires strict procedures that are controlled by our own teams and independent bodies. They must comply to client specifications, eventually regulation and keep required properties over time.


Our services comprise:

  • OHGPI anti-corrosion systems
  • Epoxy Resins
  • Concrete coatings
  • Resins for restoration of mechanical devices: rotors, pump bodies, valves, heat exchangers, turbines …
  • Floor resins and marking: protective systems, adhesive strips, heat seals
  • Anti-abrasion protection
  • Anti-acid protection
  • Intumescent, fire-resistant coatings
  • Liquid tightness
  • Metallization with pure zinc or zinc-aluminum alloy
We constantly look for innovative formulas and collaborate with the laboratories of local and international manufacturers to determine the most appropriate solutions: adaptation to application or operating conditions, maintainability, aesthetics, environmental impact, total implementation cost.